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The time of COVID and staying at home brought a wealth of changes to our world, some which are positive, including therapy sessions by video or by phone.  Although for many this was a difficult change, for some it was a chance to experiment with a new way of doing things that has some definite advantages over seeing your therapist in person.

What’s so great about video or audio therapy sessions?

Here are some immediate advantages which even insurance companies seem to understand:

  •  Busy schedules often need the oasis of therapy without the drive to get there, park and get back;
  •  When “seen” in the comfort of your own home or office, it is sometimes easier to be more personal, more open, more candid in sharing your most personal information;
  • You can see the expert of your choice, the person of your choice no matter where they are located;
  • Technology has equipped many of us to chat and converse with our children and grandchildren through Facetime. Even though we do not use Facetime as a platform for therapy sessions due to privacy concerns, video therapy is as easy as Facetime;
  • Nothing beats the safety of your own space.


DO VIDEO SESSIONS REALLY ACCOMPLISH THE SAME THING AS THERAPY SESSIONS IN PERSON?  Recent research says they do, and most are covered by insurance at the same rate as psychotherapy. 

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